Understanding ePayment Features

The following list is an overview of the key features provided with Aptify's ePayment solution:

  • Provides support for multiple electronic payment methods, such as debit cards, purchasing cards, and electronic checks. The prior electronic payment solutions provided by Aptify only supported credit card transactions. Aptify's ePayment solution has the capability to use different gateway providers, that provide a variety of transaction types.

    The Aptify e-Payment solution can also support Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions, but it requires a configuration that is specific to an organization. Contact the Aptify Client Success team if your organization is interested in implementing a configuration to support ACH transactions.

  • Support for transaction-specific authorization types.
    • AuthOnly supports the sale of products that do not immediately ship to a customer. The payments are captured later after the order ships.
    • AuthCapture supports the sale of products that ship immediately or virtually ship (such as memberships, subscriptions and meeting registrations).
  • Support for multiple merchant accounts.
  • Support for LUHN and Expiration Date verification prior to authorization attempt.
    • The LUHN formula may be used by a business to make sure a credit card is valid before sending the number for debit authorization. The LUHN formula, also called modulus 10, is a simple algorithm used to validate the number on a credit card. It works on cards issued by all the major credit card companies, including American Express®, Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and Diner's Club®. ePayment performs this calculation before sending the transaction out for authorization.
  • Payment Capture functionality.
    • The Aptify ePayment Capture wizard captures payments for those merchant accounts that are set up as AuthOnly. The AuthOnly authorization type is used when a product is sold that does not immediately or virtually ship to a customer. See Capturing Payments for more information.
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