Running the Lock Box Import Wizard

Follow these steps to import a lock box text file that is in the appropriate format into an Aptify Cash Control Batch:

These steps assume that a developer has configured the lock box functionality to support the format of your organization's cash receipts bank file. See Understanding the Lock Box Import Wizard File Format for details.


  1. Create or open a view of the Cash Control Batches service.
  2. Click the Lock Box Import Wizard icon in the view toolbar to launch the wizard.

    Lock Box Import Wizard Icon
  3. Review the Welcome screen information and click Next to continue.

     Lock Box Import Wizard Welcome Page
  4. Click the ellipsis (...) button to launch the Open File dialog box, and locate the lock box text file to be imported. Click Next to continue once the file is selected.

    Choosing File to Import
  5. If applicable, select a payment type and click Next to continue.
    • Depending on the format of your organization's lock box file, payment type information may already reside in the file. In this case, you can select the Read From File option, and each cash receipt will have its own Payment Type specified in its corresponding Cash Detail record. Otherwise, select the payment type (such as Pre-Paid Check) that applies to all cash receipts referenced within the file. Contact your system administrator if you need assistance.

      Selecting Payment Type
  6. Click Next to import the cash receipt information from the specified file.
    1. The wizard creates a new Cash Control Batches record to import the cash receipts into Aptify. See About the Cash Control Batches Form for information on the fields displayed on a Cash Control Batches record.
    2. Once the file is successfully imported, a grid displays showing, among other things, the Cash Control Batches record ID and the Bank Batch ID (which is extracted from the imported file).
    3. Double-click a batch in the grid to open and review the corresponding Cash Control Batches record. You can process the cash control batch at this point (see Processing the Lock Box Cash Control Batch for you can close the record and return to it later.
      Importing the File

  7. Click Finish to close the wizard.
  8. Process the Cash Control Batch, if you have not done so already. See Processing the Lock Box Cash Control Batch for instructions.
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