Understanding Award Management

Aptify Award Management is designed to manage the process of tracking different types of awards, the award nomination process, and the awards actually granted by an organization.

This topic provides information on working with awards in the Aptify system, found in these sub-topics:

About Aptify Award Management

This section provides an overview of how an organization might use the functionality provided by the Award Management application. Each step below links to additional topics where applicable:

  • An organization defines the types of awards that the organization offers. See Defining Award Types for more details on defining different awards.
  • If desired, the organization can choose to track the award nomination process through the Awards Nomination service. See Tracking Award Nominations for more details on tracking the nomination process.
  • An organization uses the Awards Granted service to track information about a given award including the award winner or winners, the type of award, the achievement date, and the location of the award ceremony. Records can be created through the Awards Granted service itself or on the Awards tab of the recipient's Persons record. See Tracking Award Nominations for more details.
  • An organization can generate reports to analyze and summarize the awards/incentive process. See About the Award Management Dashboard and Views for the standard views and dashboard included with this application.

About the Award Management Dashboard and Views

The Award Management application includes a default dashboard and five shared views that an organization can use to assist in tracking the awards/incentive process. These items can also be used as a starting point for developing your own dashboards based on your organization's requirements.

Refer to one of the following sections for more details.

About the Award Management Services

This list displays the services that comprise Award Management as well as the application in which they are located. The applications listed are the default locations for the services. If the service is not available on your system, in the listed application, please contact your system administrator. A complete listing of services and applications are located in About the Applications and their Services and About the Services and their Applications.



Awards Granted

Award Management

Awards Nominated

Award Management

Award Types

Award Management

About the Award Management Forms

This topic provides field-by-field information on every form used in the Award Management. It is intended for use as a reference for the various fields on any Award Management form. The forms are documented in alphabetical order. Within each form, tabs are also addressed in alphabetical order.

Note that the fields marked as "required" in this chapter are required at the entity level (these fields appear in red by default, although your administrator can change this). In some cases, a required field may already have a default value, so a user does not need to specify a value for these fields before saving the record. To review the list of fields required at the entity level, open the appropriate Service Properties dialog (by right clicking the service in the Folder List and selecting Properties) and click the Fields tab.

The following forms are documented in this topic:


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