About the Competitors Form

The Competitors record tracks information about any known organizations competing for a particular opportunity. These records appear under the Opportunities record's Competitors tab. See Competitors Tab.


Comments Tab

This tab stores any comments concerning a competitor for a particular opportunity.

General Tab

Competitor (Required)

The name of a company competing for a particular opportunity. This field links to the Companies service.

Sales Person

The name of the sales person at the competing company. This field links to the Persons service.


A description of the competitor and its approach towards the opportunity.

Reseller ID

If the competitor is working with a reseller, this field specifies that reseller. This field links to the Companies service.


The status of the competitor with respect to this opportunity. Available options are Active and Inactive.


The relative strength of the competitor as a compelling alternative to your organization for this opportunity. The field includes a set of rank options from 1st to 8th.


The probability that the opportunity will be won by this competitor.

Lost To

If this option is selected, the opportunity was lost to this competitor.

Lost To Reason

If the Lost To option is selected, specify the reason why the opportunity was lost to the competitor in this field. You can enter any value or select from one of the pre-populated options, including Lowest Bid, Feature-Set Fit, Industry Experience, Local Presence, and Larger Company/Brand.


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