About the Partners Form

A Partners record stores information about the partners working with the organization on winning a particular opportunity. These records appear on an Opportunities record's Partners tab. See Partners Tab.


Comments Tab

This tab stores any optional comments concerning this partner.

General Tab

Partner (Required)

The name of the opportunity partner. This field links to the Companies service.

Contact (Required)

The contact person for the partner. This field links to the Persons service.

Referral Fee %

If the organization has negotiated a referral fee with the partner, this field indicates the percentage to be received by the organization from the partner if the partner provides goods and/or services to the customer based on a referral generated by this opportunity.


The partner's current status. Standard options include Pending (negotiations underway with partner), Registered (partner and organization have reached an agreement), and Cancelled (negotiations with potential partner started but then cancelled).

Primary Role (Required)

Tracks the primary role of the partner for a particular opportunity. This field links to the Partner Role Types service (see About the Partner Role Types Form).

Roles Tab

If a partner has more than one role in a particular opportunity (specified as the Primary Role), the Roles tab can store additional roles of the partner and any optional comments.


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