About the Referrals Form

This service tracks the referrals to partners based on a Referral Request, Opportunity, and/or Campaign.


Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Referrals record.

Comments Tab

The Comments tab lists any additional comments relevant to referral.

General Tab

Partner (Required)

The partner to whom the organization refers a customer or prospect. This field links to the Companies service.

Contact (Required)

The contact person at the partner company.


The status of the referral. Available options include Pending, Sent, Accepted, Rejected, Responded, Selected and Cancelled.

Date Sent

The date the referral was originally sent to the partner.

Date Forwarded

The date the partner's response was forwarded to the prospect. This information is used with referral requests that have indirect or anonymous communication mode.

Partner Response Tab

Date Partner Responded

The initial date the partner responded.

Total Price

The Total Price quoted by the partner to address the requirements described in the referral request.

Currency Type

This field specifies the currency in which the Total Price amount is expressed. This field links to the Currency Types service.

Response Summary

This field contains a summary of the information received from the partner in response to this request.

Source Tab

Referral Request

If this referral was generated by a referral request, this field can identify that request. It links to the Referral Requests service.


If this referral was generated due to an active opportunity, this field can identify that opportunity. It links to the Opportunities service.


If this referral was generated as the result of a marketing campaign, this field can identify that campaign. It links to the Campaigns service.


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