Creating Opportunity Contacts

Typically, multiple people are involved in the decision making process at a prospect. While the Contact person specified on the Opportunities form's top area is the primary contact person for the lead, information about other contact people can be stored on the Contacts tab.

Follow these steps to track information about other opportunity contacts:

  1. Open the Opportunities record, if not already opened.
  2. Select the Contacts tab.
  3. Click the New icon in the toolbar to open a new Contacts record.
  4. Specify the company name for the contact in the Company field. This field links to the Companies service.
    • Typically, contact people are at the prospect company but in many cases a prospect may enlist a third-party consultant to assist in the decision-making process.
  5. Specify the contact person in the Contact field. This field links to the Persons service.
  6. Specify the Contact Role Type.
    • This field specifies the contact person's role in the decision-making process for this opportunity. It links to the Contact Role Types service (see About the Contact Role Types Form).
  7. Select this person's current attitude concerning the opportunity from the Position dropdown field. Standard options include Very Positive, Positive, Neutral, Negative, and Very Negative.
    • An organization can use this field to gauge the likelihood that an opportunity will be won based on the position of the interested parties.
  8. Enter additional information about this contact person in the Description field, if appropriate.

  9. Click OK to save and close the Contacts record.
  10. Repeat the above steps to add additional contacts as necessary.
  11. Save the Opportunities record.
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