Configuring Windows or Basic Authentication

By default, when the Aptify site is installed, the authentication method for the site is set to Anonymous Authentication with SSL. However, there may be occasion when you want to use Basic or Windows Authentication, for example when your implementation requires a single sign-on. If your organization plans to use Windows or Basic Authentication, you can configure the site post install by modifying the below settings in the Aptify.Framework.Configuration.External.js file in the Aptify's site script/Apitfy/configuration directory:


Users will need to clear their browser cache after any changes are made to the site's authentication method to get latest changes.

  1. Open the Aptify.Framework.Configuration.External.js file and find the Aptify.framework.configuration.availableAuthenticationMethods section.
  2. Comment out everything in the Aptify.framework.configuration.availableAuthenticationMethods between and including the square brackets ([ ]).
  3. In the same file, find the Aptify.framework.configuration.authenticationMethod line.
  4. Enter vNext between the double quotes (" ").
  5. Through Microsoft IIS, change both the Aptify and AptifyServerAPI sites to the authentication method you want to use (Windows and Basic).
  6. Restart IIS and have user's clear their browser cache.
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