Enabling Flow Form Template Layout Mode for an Entity Form Template

Flow (also known as responsive, flow-based, and object positioning) is the default layout with Aptify 5.5.5 and the recommended layout going forward. If certain forms are not rendering correctly with this layout type, you can change a specific form to use Absolute positioning as described in this topic. Also consider contacting Aptify Technical Support to submit a ticket to help improve the Aptify product.

Aptify 5.5.5 introduces the form template layout mode concept, which can be used to administer the way in which form template objects are positioned in the web interface for all form templates or for the form templates for single entities. There are two form template layout modes available, Absolute and Flow. In the Absolute form template layout mode, form template objects have absolute positions. Absolute is the default form template layout mode. Enabling the Flow form template layout mode for all form templates allows for all forms in the web interface to adapt their appearance to fit the size of the window, whether that is determined by device or window re-sizing.   

Perform the following steps to enable the Flow form template layout mode for all form templates:

  1. In the Entities service of the Framework Administration application, find and open the record for the desired entity, such as Persons.
  2. Click the Form Templates tab.
  3. Double-click the top-level form template to open the record, such as Aptify.Persons.SummaryForm
  4. In the Layout Mode field, select Flow.
  5. In the Width Calculation Mode field, enter Percent.
  6. Save the Form Templates record. 
  7. In the Process Flows service of the Process Pipeline application, find the Generate HTML5 Web Form Template UI Parts Process Flow record and click the Run Process Flow button.
  8. Ensure that the following process flow input properties are set to the specified values:
    • FormTemplateSelection set to ListOfFormTemplateIDs
    • FormTemplateToGenerate set to the ID number of the form template you modified previously (18547 in the example)
    • FormTemplateLayoutMode set to Flow
    • FormTemplateWidthCalculationMode set to Percent
  9. Click the Run button.

  10. Clear the cache for your browser for the changes to take effect.

    Your users will also need to clear their browser cache for these changes to take effect.

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