Defining the Entity Metadata Cache Attribute for Aptify Web

Aptify web contains an Entity Metadata Cache that uploads and stores the metadata for the Entities on a system for use by the applications. The default methodology for the Entity Metadata Cache is to load all of the Entities in the system. Starting in Aptify 5.5.5, developers have the ability to control which Entities are loaded into the the Entity Metadata Cache. 

The following attribute defines the entities that are uploaded to the Entity Metadata Cache within the Aptify web interface:

  • Aptify.Framework.Metadata.FilteredEntitiesPipeSeparated: specifies the top-level Entities to be uploaded into the Entity Metadata Cache, separated by the pipe (|) character. This attribute is found in the Aptify.Applications.Configuration.External.js file in the Aptify web site's script/configuration folder. The Entity Metadata Cache also include sub-types of the listed Entities and any Embedded Linked Entities. If the application requests an Entity that isn't in the cache, it will be loaded on demand. If this attribute is not present in the configuration file, all of the Entities are loaded. 
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