About the Service Data Objects Form

Records in this service allow you to execute SQL when a call needs to originate from the client side. Once created the service data object can be called via the Aptify JavaScript API or an http request to the Aptify Services API. This web form was added for the web interface in Aptify 5.5.2.

Aptify 5.5.4

Applications Tab

Service Application

The web service that applies to this object (i.e., HTML5 Web). This field ties to the Service Applications entity.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the UI Part Types record. The tab becomes available when the record is initially saved.

General Tab


The name to use when accessing the service data object. Generally, this will be identical to the Name of the database object used by the service data object.

Database Object

The database object the service data object should execute.

This field was added in Aptify 5.5.4. It replaces the SQL field used in the previous versions of this form.

Enable Security

This option restricts the user of the service database object to the users, groups and/or web groups specified on the Security tab.

Enabling security can result in a reduction in system performance. This is most likely going to be noticed if you have users accessing the system that do not have access to a service data object, and groups are being used.

Parameters Tab

If the database object (or other SQL) requires a parameter, specifies each parameter by name as defined in the database object.

Security Tab

When Enable Security is selected, specified the users, groups and/or web groups that can use this service data object.

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