Defining the Views Attribute for Aptify Web

This topic describes the attributes that define the behavior of views within the Aptify web-interface.

Setting the number of records returned in a view

  • MaxRecordCount: determines the number of records that are returned when a view is requested. The default value is 250. This attribute is found in the Aptify.Framework.Configuration.External file in the Aptify web site's script/configuration folder.

Controlling the loading of values lists for large entities

In environments with entities with a large number of records, loading the values list for these entities can be significantly delayed, and a second delay can occur after loading the values list, when two or more characters are added to the Value area. In Aptify 5.5.5, the GlobalViewFiltersSuggestedValueList and ViewFiltersSuggestedValueList attributes are added to control how the values list for these entities are processed.

  • GlobalViewFiltersSuggestedValueList: A system-wide setting to control whether or not the Filter Control Value drop-down lists will be filled with up to 100 values pulled from the database. The possible values for the GlobalViewFiltersSuggestedValueLists attribute are Off (do not retrieve suggested values), Per Entity (only retrieve suggested values when a particular Entity has the ViewFiltersSuggestedValueLists attribute defined with a value of On.), and On (always attempt to retrieve suggested values). The default value is On. This attribute is found in the Attributes tab in the Entities entity.
  • ViewFiltersSuggestedValueList: An entity-specific attribute you can add to any Entities record’s Attributes tab to turn on the Filter Control Value drop-down list for views of that particular entity. When adding this attribute to an entity, set the value to On. Note that using this attribute assumes that GlobalViewFiltersSuggestedValueLists attribute is set to Per Entity.

The following table shows how the setting of these attributes affects what is displayed in the values list:

GlobalViewFiltersSuggestedValueLists ViewFiltersSuggestedValueLists Values List Result
On On 100 records are displayed as suggested values
Off On No suggested values are displayed.
Per Entity On 100 records are displayed as suggested values
On Off 100 records are displayed as suggested values
Per Entity Off The value list shows for static value fields (that have a defined Values list in the entity field record) and for fields with a SQL defined list (Values list entry that calls a stored procedure like State).
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