Upgrading Crystal Report Version


Release 7.0 already includes Crystal reports service pack 32.

This document provides instruction to upgrade older Aptify versions to Crystal Reports Service Pack 32. For information on deployment of Crystal Reports on Aptify Smart Client (Desktop) and Aptify Web applications, refer to Deploying Crystal Report on Azure VM.

Below are the steps to upgrade Crystal report version to service pack 32 (SP32):

Step 1: Download SP32 of “CR for Visual Studio SP32 install package” from below link,
Downloads for SAP Crystal Reports and others
Selection Criteria
Software Product: SAP Crystal Reports, version for Visual Studio
Product Version (optional): SAP Crystal Reports, developer version for Microsoft Visual Studio
Software Type (optional): CV_SP

Step 2: On the developer system Install the “SAP Crystal report, version for Microsoft Visual Studio” using downloaded EXE file. At the end of the installation, it will automatically identify your OS type (32-bit OR 64-bit) and prompt to install the “SAP Crystal report runtime engine for .NET framework (32-bit OR 64-bit)”. Install both 32-bit and 64-bit SAP Crystal report runtime engine for .NET framework.

Note: Developer needs to manually verify the version upgrade changes by following step 3 to Step 9.

Step 3: Check the below location on your system for the updated Crystal report dlls,
C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Crystal Reports for .NET Framework 4.0\Common\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\win32_x86\dotnet

Step 4: Replace the old version dlls at below three locations from the upgraded dlls present at the location mentioned in step 3.
C:\Users\{Username}\.nuget\packages\aptify.3rdparty.crystaldecisions\1.0.0\lib\net45 ,
C:\Users\{Username}\.nuget\packages\aptify.3rdparty.crystaldecisions.web\1.0.0\lib\net45 and
C:\Program Files\Aptify 5.0

Step 5: Compile the “AptifyReportWizard” project, after compilation, verify the Crystal report dlls version at the Bin folder of AptifyReportWizard project. All the Crytal report dlls show the upgraded version.

Step 6: Run the Aptify Smart Client and navigate to ObjectRepository->ObjectRepositoryObjects, search AptifyReportWizard and open the wizard. Replace the Local Filename with AptifyReportWizard.dll from step 5 bin folder location.

Step 7: Replace the AptifyReportWizard.dll from the Bin folder to C:\Program Files\Aptify 5.0 folder.

Step 8: Navigate to ObjectRepository->ObjectRepositoryObjects->Find Object Repository and search Local Filename as Crystal Report. Replace all the Crystal report filenames with the upgraded version dlls.

Step 9: Open Aptify Smart Client again and create the Crystal report anywhere in the application.

Step 10: After verifying the working of Crystal report, create new version of below two internal NuGet libraries with updated Crystal report dlls and upload on Azure DevOps artifacts feed.
1. aptify.3rdparty.crystaldecisions and
2. aptify.3rdparty.crystaldecisions.web

Step 11: Open your solution in Visual Studio and select ‘manage NuGet packages for solution’ and then update the package to consume the new version.   

Step 12: Clean and rebuild the complete solution. It will start pointing to the updated version of Crystal report.




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