Deleting Process Flow Run Input Map records.

This document contains the instructions to run “Delete Process Flow Run Input Map” process flow. This process flow is created to delete the “Process Flow Runs Input Map” records for the process flows whose run records contain the payment information.

Instructions to run “Delete Process Flow Run Input Map”:

  1. Log in to Smart Client and open the Process Flows Service from the Process Pipeline application.

  2. Search for the process flow Delete Process Flow Run Input Map.

  3. Click Run Process Flow.

  4. On the Aptify Process Flow Debugger window, in the Value field, enter the process flow IDs containing payment information. To enter multiple IDs, separate the IDs by comma.

  5. Click Run the process flow without stopping button.

  6. A success message appears as shown in below screenshot. This deletes all the Input Map records of the process flow run records for the given process flow IDs. Click OK to complete the run.

  7. Open the Input Map tab in the Process Flow Runs record for the Process Flow IDs provided and verify that the records are deleted.

    Process ID records before running the Delete Process Flow Input Map
    Process ID records after running the Delete Process Flow Input Map


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