Linking Secret Metadata to an Existing Entity Record

Starting Aptify release 6.4, it is possible for a user to link secret metadata with an existing entities record. This document provides instructions on how to link an existing entity record with the entity metadata structure for storing secret key values and plugins. Currently entities store sensitive information in two ways:

  1. Entity subtypes - for example, Message system record for ‘Dot Net SMTP Client’ stores its password in its Attributes subtype.
  2. Entity attributes - for example, Merchant Account Password

Below example illustrates how secret metadata can be linked with an existing entity - Merchant Account. 

  1. Create a new secret value record to store the password information for Merchant Account Password.
  2. Create secret value type as Internal Database
  3. To store sensitive information in the internal database, provide details like database name, table name in the Secret Value Type Attributes.
  4. Link the secret value record created earlier with the existing Merchant Account entity as mentioned below: 
    1. Go to Merchant Account Entity
    2. Open the desired record where you want to link the secret value
    3. Go to Attributes tab
    4. In the Attribute tab, remove the value of password and select the secret value record in the secret value linked field Secret Value Id.
    5. In this way, Merchant Account record can be linked with the secret value which fetches the password information from the internal database.







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