Utility for Masking Sensitive Data Records.

This document contains the instructions to run the "Mask Sensitive Data" Utility. This utility enables to mask the sensitive information present in the history records for the given table name and column name.

After unpacking the CM Pack on the destination server, and before you run this utility, make sure the dll version of MaskSensitiveData.dll present in Object Repository Object'(ORO) is same as the MaskSensitiveData.dll present in Aptify 5.0 Smart Client folder. In case of mismatch versions, sync the ORO utility or add it manually.


Note: This utility may take several hours to complete. Please run the utility after business hours to avoid impact on system performance.

Instructions to run this utility:

  1. Log in to Smart Client and open the Framework application, then go to the Mask Sensitive Data service.

  2. Right-click Mask Sensitive Data service and select New Mask Sensitive Data Record.


  3. On the New Mask Sensitive Data Record window, enter the database table name and column name for which you want to mask the information. Enter the exact database table name in DB Table Name field; enter the exact column name in the DB Column Name field.


  4. Click Save, this activity runs a background logic for the mentioned database table name and masks the sensitive information present in the data of the column.


    Currently we have identified the data vulnerability issues in below mentioned database tables and columns.

    Table Name Column Name
    RecordChange RequestJSON
    EntityRecordVersions RecordData



  5. After the MaskSensitiveData record is created, the results of the run can be seen in the attachment tab.

  6. Once the attachment is open, you can see the results as shown in below screenshot.



Note: if running this utility produces a SQL timeout error, open the MaskSensitiveData entity and update the ProcessRecordsIdUpTo attribute to reduce the batch size. For example, set the value of ProcessRecordsIdUpTo to twenty thousand and run the utility again.




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