Specifying an e-Business Server User Account

To successfully install and run an e-Business site, you must specify a Windows user account during installation that meets the following criteria:


For site security purposes, the e-Business User should not be a member of the Administrators group or be a system administrator on the SQL Server.


  • The account must have the appropriate administrative privileges on the Web server to run the e-Business site (as defined by your organization's security policies).
    • At a minimum, this user should be a member of the Users group.
  • The account must be a trusted user with a valid license on the Aptify database server with the appropriate privileges to conduct e-Business activity.
    • A Trusted user account is also referred to as an account that uses Windows Integrated Security.
    • The specific permission set required for the e-Business user depends on the type of user activity that will be conducted on your website. For testing and development environments that use Aptify sample data, add the e-Business user to the Users group.
    • The trusted user must be linked to an Employees record. This Employees record will be used in Order Entry where an Employee is linked to an Orders record.

Note Concerning Password Changes

The installation program automatically creates an AptifyEBusiness Application Pool to run the e-Business site. However, any time you change the trusted user account's password, you must also manually update the password specified in the Application Pool and restart IIS.

You can access the Application Pool settings from the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager (Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager).

Note that if the Password stored in the Application Pool's Identity tab does not match the e-Business user's current password, a "Service Unavailable" message will appear when a customer/member attempts to access the e-Business website.

Using an Untrusted User

Aptify recommends that an organization use a trusted user account to connect to the Aptify database from an e-Business website. The e-Business installer only supports trusted user accounts. However, in some situations, an organization may prefer to use an untrusted SQL user to connect to the database instead of a trusted user. While Aptify does not recommend this approach, you can configure the site to use an untrusted user if required. Follow these steps:

  1. Install e-Business. During installation, specify a trusted user account temporarily in order to complete the installation.
  2. When the installation is complete, open the site's web.config file and apply the following changes:
    • Replace the trusted user with the untrusted user you want to use in the AptifyEBusinessSQLLogin key.
    • Specify the untrusted user's password in the AptifyEBusinessSQLPWD key.
    • Set the AptifyEBusinessSQLIsTrusted key value to 0.

  3. Restart IIS for the change to take effect.
  4. Test the site to confirm that it functions properly.
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