e-Business Installation Options

The e-Business setup program installs an e-Business sample site (either the ASP.NET or CMS version (5.5.3 uses Sitefinity 8.1, 5.5.2 uses Sitefinity 7.1, 5.5.1 uses Sitefinity 6.0 SP1, and 5.5 uses Sitefinity 4.4), depending on your installation method) and the e-Business server components. You can choose to install either a sample site, server components or both. You can install the sample site on multiple Web servers, but the e-Business server components can only be installed once (during the initial installation - if upgrading the database components for an existing e-Business installation, use the updater package to update the e-Business database components). See Installing the Server Components Only for instructions on how to install the e-Business server components only.

When installing the server components, you can also choose to install the e-Business sample data if you are working with Aptify for testing and demonstration purposes. (If installing this module on a production server, you should not install the sample data.)

Note that you should only install the sample data if you previously installed the sample CRM data on the Aptify server during initial installation since there are dependencies between the e-Business sample data and the CRM sample data. Also, for best results when using sample data, you should run the e-Business installation immediately after installing the Aptify server and the CRM sample data.

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