Understanding the Report Wizard Process for SSRS Reports

Aptify 5.5.4 and higher adds support for the use of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports in Aptify. This topic describes the Report wizard process used for SSRS reports.

  1. User launches Report Wizard from a View.
    • The user creates or opens a view in Aptify that displays one or more records stored in the selected service. This includes standard views, prompt views, and views in a dashboard. The user clicks the Report Wizard icon to launch the wizard.
    • The user can also launch the Report wizard by clicking the Print button on a record's form. However, the report will contain information only from that one record. 
  2. User selects a report.
    • The user selects a report from the list of available reports in the wizard and clicks Finish
  3. Aptify generates a List based on the View.
    • Aptify creates a Lists record that includes all of the records displayed in the selected view.
    • The example below illustrates a sample Lists record created by the system's reporting mechanism.
      Lists Record Generated for a Report
  4. Aptify initializes the SSRS report.
  5. The Report imports data using the List as the data source.
    • The List's List Items correspond to the records contained in the user's view.
    • The List Items tab on a Lists record displays information from the List Detail sub-type. The base view for this sub-type is called vwListDetail.
    • As described in Creating a Basic SSRS Report, each SSRS report that you create for Aptify must have a reference to vwListDetail so the report can access the records identified in the List. 
  6. Report appears on-screen
    • A new window opens in the Aptify session displaying the report. The report includes information only on the records from the selected view.
    • Once the report is displayed, a user can print it or export it to another format, such as PDF or Microsoft Excel.
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