Note Concerning HTML and XML Fields in Crystal Reports

If your Crystal Report is designed to display data from one or more Aptify HTML or XML fields, additional steps are necessary to ensure that the HTML tags do not appear within the report. Follow these steps to verify whether a field contains HTML or XML content and to configure HTML or XML fields to display without HTML tags in a Crystal Report:

  1. Before dragging and dropping a field from an entity to the Crystal Report, check the TextInterpretationMode of that field by executing the following query on the Aptify database.

    SELECT TextInterpretationMode from EntityFields where EntityID = 'id of the entity from which you are selecting the field' And Name = 'name of the field you are dropping to report'

    • For example, SELECT TextInterpretationMode from EntityFields where EntityID = '1006' And Name = 'Comments'' 
  2. Review the query results.
    • The possible results are None, HTML, or XML. 
  3. Drag and drop the field to the report.
    • If the result of the query is None, the field does not contain HTML or XML content and no further action is required. Otherwise, continue to step 4. 
  4. If the result of first step is HTML or XML, right-click on the field and select Format Object.
    • This opens the Format Editor Dialog.
  5. Select the Paragraph Tab.
  6. Set the Text Interpretation to either HTML or XML depending on the query results in step 1.
  7. Click OK to save the changes.
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