About the Sample Views

Aptify provides over 100 sample views for users. These views appear in shared folders for users with a copy of the CRM User profile. The sa user is the owner of these views. See Using Role-based Profiles for more information on copying user profiles in Aptify.

If a user's profile was created by copying the CRM User profile, the views listed in this section will be available to the user by default. If the user's profile did not start as a copy of the CRM User profile, the user can access these views by connecting to the sa user's shared folders. See Using Folders and Sharing Views for more information.

Aptify also includes a set of Role-based profiles that has been specifically designed for members of different departments of an organization. These role-based profiles include additional customized views that are described in About Role-based Profiles.


The following sub-topics group the sample views by their associated service:



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