Using Pivot Grid Views in the Web Interface

In Aptify, advanced users can create pivot grid views of Aptify data using the Aptify web interface. Pivot grids provide functionality similar to the pivot tables that are available in the Aptify Desktop client. Pivot grid views are interactive reports that summarize large amounts of data and can be expanded or condensed depending on the level of detail needed. With a pivot grid, a user can:

  • Sort data as needed.
  • Display subtotals and totals for various levels within the table.
  • Position data as rows and columns to provide a specific view of data for analysis purposes.
  • Export the pivot grid to Microsoft Excel and Acrobat PDF formations for further analysis.
  • Print all or selected information from a pivot grid.

Aptify's pivot grid feature leverages the Telerik Kendo User Interface (UI) PivotGrid technology. The PivotGrid technology uses Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) concepts to allow access to data aggregated and organized in a multidimensional structure called a cube.

This topic describes how to create a pivot grid within Aptify and provides an overview of how to use a pivot grid. However, for additional information on working with pivot grids, see the following topics in the Telerik Kendo UI documentation:

PivotGrid Overview 

PivotGrid Fundamentals


Management of pivot grid views are described in the following sub-topics:

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