Using Map Views

Map views in Aptify integrate with Microsoft MapPoint to plot records on a map based on address data. An organization can use map views to help easily identify regional areas to target with marketing campaigns and for meeting planning (such as when determining where a meeting should be held to maximize attendance).

This chapter describes how to create a map view within Aptify and provides an overview of how to use a map view. However, for additional information on working with map views, refer to the Microsoft's MapPoint's Help documentation (accessible from a map view in Aptify).

Your computer must have Microsoft MapPoint 2006 or MapPoint 2009 installed to create or open map views in Aptify. The images in this chapter were taken with MapPoint 2006. 

Microsoft no longer supports MapPoint. Aptify recommends that map views be created using the Aptify web interface, making use of the Google Maps API. See Configuring Map Views in the Aptify Web Interface for more information.


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