Adding Demographic Information to a Map View

Follow these steps to add demographic information (such as population data) to the map:

  1. Click the Data Mapping Wizard button in the toolbar.
    Data Mapping Wizard

  2. Select a map type for the demographic you want to add (such as Shaded Area or Shaded Circles). Click Next to continue.
    Select Map Type

  3. Select the Add demographics to the map option and click Next.

    Aptify map views do not support the Import data to map itLink to data to map it, or Edit an existing data map option. Data sets based on these options do not persist when you exist the map view. Note that if you need to use one of these options, create an Excel Export file of the desired data in Aptify. Then, open Microsoft MapPoint and create a map directly within MapPoint, importing the file using this wizard.

    Add Demographic Data

  4. Select the data field options (such as show Population by county) and click Next.
    Select -Demographic Information to Map

  5. Modify any of the default Legend information as desired.
    Modify -Demographic Information Legend

  6. Click Finish to add the demographic data to the map. In the example in figure, the red sharing denotes population size on a per-county basis.
    Map with County -Demographic Information
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