Formatting Chart View Display

Follow these steps to configure the appearance of the chart's axes and legend.

  1. Click the Display tab.
  2. To display a legend on the chart, select the Show Legend option.

    Note Concerning Pie Charts

    If a legend is not configured for a pie chart, each pie chart item is shown with both a percentage and a data label. If a legend is configured, only the percentage is shown. 

  3. If you enabled the legend, select a position for the legend on the chart: Left, Right, Top, or Bottom.
  4. Configure the settings for the chart's X, Y and Z axes, as desired.
      • Z-axis configuration is only applicable for 3D chart types.
      • Pie Charts and the Doughnut Chart do not have axes, so these options are grayed out if you have selected one of these chart types.
      • For each axis, you can configure the following options:
        • Show Axis: The X, Y, and Z axes show up automatically for all applicable chart types. Clear the applicable option to hide either or both axes.
        • Show Major Gridlines: When selected, the chart displays a gridline for each value on the axis.
        • Show Minor Gridlines: When selected, the chart displays intermediate gridlines between the value on the axis.
    • In the Drill Down View field, specify a list view, if desired.
      • When you click an area of the chart, the system displays a drill down list view of the records that comprise the selected area.
      • By default, Aptify uses the standard list view format to display drill-down results. However, you can specify an existing list view as the Drill Down View to display drill-down results with the formatting defined in that existing view.
      • For best results, do not specify a list view that filters on the same fields that group or filter the chart view. If you specify a list view that has overlapping filters with the chart view, the drill down view may not display the complete set of records.

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