Scheduling a View to Run Automatically

With Aptify, users can schedule a view to run automatically once or repeatedly on a recurring basis. When the view runs, Aptify can output the view's contents to a file or a report, and then print it on a network printer or send it to multiple recipients as an email attachment.

For example, a sales manager can create a view that displays all orders taken that day. Then, he or she can schedule the view to run nightly and automatically send the results to the sales department in an email message.

Before you can use schedule a view to run automatically, your administrator must set up an Application Server on your network and configure the default view scheduling options. See Enabling View Scheduling for details.

In Aptify the Pivot Table, Pivot Grid, Map, and Gantt view types do not support View Scheduling.

After your administrator has configured the view scheduling options on your system, follow these steps to schedule a view:

  1. Click the Scheduling tab on the View Properties dialog.
  2. Select the Schedule This View To Run Automatically option.
  3. Configure the Schedule tab to specify when and how often the view will run. See Configuring View Scheduling Options for details.

    View Scheduling Tab

  4. Configure the Output Options. See Configuring View Output Options for details.
  5. Configure Advanced Scheduling, if necessary. These options are for advanced users and administrators; see Enabling View Scheduling for more details.
  6. Click OK to save changes and close the View dialog.

View Scheduling is not applicable for prompt views. 

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