Using Folders and Sharing Views

Each service can contain many views. It may be necessary, at some time, to organize the views in groups. One way to do this is to use the Shortcut Bar. Another way is to use folders. Each service can contain folders, which are convenient ways of organizing views.

Views can be created within each folder, or they can be moved between folders by dragging.

This topic covers the following sub-topics:

Creating a New Folder to Store Views

  1. Right-click the service in the Navigation Bar (or Folder List) and select Create Folder.
  2. Enter a name and description for the new folder and click OK.

    New Folder

    • The new folder displays.

    Folder Within a Service

  3. Drag and drop existing views in the same service into the folder as needed.
    • Note that this feature only works with the Folder List. Views cannot be dropped from the Navigation Bar.
  4. Create new views in the folder by right clicking the folder and selecting Create View from the pop-up menu.
  5. Create sub-folders for your folder as necessary.

Sharing a Views Folder

  1. In the appropriate service, right-click the folder and select Properties to open the Folder Properties dialog.
  2. Select the Share this Folder option and click OK.
    • The shared folder displays in the Navigation Bar (and Folder List) using a folder icon that has a hand supporting it; this indicates that it is a shared folder.
    • Any views or sub-folders in that shared folder are available to other users.

Shared Folder Icon

Connecting to a Shared View Folder

Some organizations prefer to have an administrator create common views for users rather than have users create them individually. The administrator then places these views in a shared folder for other users to access.

Follow these steps to connect to a shared folder:

  1. Right-click a service within the Navigation Bar (or Folder List) and select Connect to Shared Folder.
    • Alternatively, you can click the Connect to Shared Folder button in the Service toolbar.
    • The Connect to Shared Folder dialog box displays. This dialog box shows a list of all the users on the system who have made shared folders for this service.
  2. Browse through the list of available users and their folders.

    Connect to Shared Folder Dialog Box
  3. Select a shared folder and click OK.
    • The new shared folder displays in the Navigation Bar (and Folder List), as a folder icon with a connector bar underneath it to indicate it is a linked folder.

Linked Folder Icon

Opening Shared Folders and Views

Opening shared folders is the same as opening any other item in the Folder List. Simply click on the Shared Folder icon and then select the shared view you want to open. Keep in mind the following:

  • A user cannot modify the properties of a shared view that he/she does not own. If the user wants to modify the view, the user can create a copy of the shared view and edit the copy as necessary. See Copying a View for more information on copying views.

  • If you select and drag a view you do not own out of a shared folder, Aptify automatically creates a copy of that other user's view for you. The original view remains in the original user's shared folder.
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