Opening Multiple Views

This topic describes how to open display two views at the same time, broken down by interface.

Under some circumstances, you may want to display two views at once. For example, if you need to compare data in one view against data in another, you may find it useful to have both views open simultaneously. In general, working with two or more views at one time can make many business tasks easier to perform.

Aptify Web Interface

In the Aptify web interface, each view is displayed in a separate tab.

To open a view in a new tab:

  1. Go to the service or entity and open the view.
  2. Return to the tab for the service or entity and select another view, which opens in a new tab.

To open a view from a different entity or service, you must first open the associated entity or service, and select the desired view. The view opens in a new tab.

Multiple Views in Tabs

Aptify Desktop Client

To open a view in a new window, right-click the view in the Navigation Bar (or Folder List) and select Open in New Window from the pop-up menu. A new window opens and displays the view. You can also resize, move, and reshape any or all of the Aptify windows as necessary to display views side-by-side, top-bottom, or any other configuration that facilitates comparison.

Using Multiple Windows on the Desktop

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