Selecting Dashboard Colors

You can specify the color for many of the items in a dashboard, including title bars, area backgrounds, text, and buttons. There is a basic color palette from which to select colors.

  1. Select the Color Selector button next to the color field to display the Color form. 
  2. On the Color form, select the desired color from the Basic Colors section and click OK
    Color Form
  3. The new color(s) appear when you reload the dashboard.

Defining Custom Colors

Advanced users can define custom colors to use in their dashboards. Follow these steps to define a custom color and add it to the Custom Color palette.

  1. Select the Color Selector button next to the Color field to open the Color form (shown in the figure below).
  2. Click the Define Custom Colors >> button.
    • The Color form expands to show the Color Matrix, the Luminosity Bar, and the fields associated with the color values. 
      Custom Color Form
  3. Select a color from the Basic Colors section, Custom Colors section, or the Color Matrix.
  4. Select the intensity from the Luminosity Bar on the right side of the Custom Color Option screen.
    • The selected color displays in the Color/Solid area. Info: Alternatively, if you know the values that define a specific color, you can manually enter that color's Red, Green, and Blue values or Hue, Saturation, and Luminosity values.
  5. To add the selected color to the list of available custom colors, click the Add to Custom Colors button. The new color displays in the custom color palette.
  6. Click OK to apply the custom color.
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