Creating a Personal Dashboard

Aptify provides sample dashboards that illustrate the power and flexibility of digital dashboard functionality. In general, Aptify recommends that a user modify one of the existing dashboards to meet his or her needs. (Most users will find modifying an existing dashboard easier than creating an entirely new dashboard.)

Note: In Aptify Web, this functionality is available from Aptify release 7.2 and subsequent versions.

The following is an overview of how to modify a sample dashboard:

  1. To modify one of the existing sample dashboards, you must first create a personal copy. Once the dashboard has been copied, a user can modify its functionality or attributes.
    • Click Create Personal Dashboard Copy icon in the upper-right hand corner of the default dashboard. The system creates a user-level copy of the selected dashboard.
    • Click Switch Dashboard icon and select Copy of <<name of dashboard>> from the context menu, The system loads the copy in the display window.  For example, below screenshot shows a user creating copy of Customers dashboard. CreateDashBoard2.png
  2. Modify the name and description of the copied dashboard in the Dashboard Options form.
    • Click the Options... link from the upper-right hand corner of the default dashboard.
    • Select Edit "<Dashboard Name>" from the context menu.
    • On the Dashboard Options form, enter the name of the dashboard in the Name field, and enter a description of the dashboard in the Description field.
    • Click OK to save the dashboard and close the Dashboard Options form. 
  3. Delete unwanted parts, as necessary. See Deleting a Dashboard Part for details.
  4. Delete unwanted areas, as necessary.
    • You can only delete areas that have no parts. Therefore, delete the area's parts before attempting to delete the area.
    • See Deleting a Dashboard Area for instructions. 
  5. Add new areas to the dashboard, as necessary.
  6. Add new parts to the dashboard areas.
    • A dashboard area can contain multiple parts. You can resize, minimize, and maximize the parts in an area. See Resizing a Dashboard Part for details.
    • Each Dashboard Part corresponds to a view, button bar, Microsoft Outlook component, a Web browser window, or another of the available Aptify components.
    • See Adding a Dashboard Part for details.


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