Managing Topic Codes

Topic Codes provide organizations with a versatile way to collect and analyze information about customers' and members' interests. Topic codes can be used effectively for customer/member profiling as well as driving personalized content to your website (if your organization is using the optional Aptify e-Business Suite). Topic codes can also be a great resource for target marketing or determining the viability of a new product or service offering.

Although topic codes are most commonly associated with people, companies, products, or news articles, their flexibility allows them to link to any type of record providing virtually unlimited possibilities in Aptify. For example:

  • Link employees to topic codes that relate to their areas of specialization. These employees can then be assigned as service representatives to the individual customers/members who have expressed an interest in these topics.
  • Associate committees with topic codes that relate to their goals. Invitations can then be sent to members who have expressed interest in these topics to serve on the committees.

The default Aptify installation provides a Topic Codes tab on the following forms: Organizations, Companies, Employees, Persons, and Products. Multiple records, such as Persons and Products, linked to a particular Topic Code provides a powerful and flexible relationship useful when targeting marketing campaigns.

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