Managing the Contact Log Service

The Aptify Contact Log service easily integrates with desktop calendar programs such as Microsoft Outlook.

Aptify's integration with Microsoft Outlook requires Microsoft Office to be installed on the server hosting the Aptify Desktop client or Aptify web interface. See the systems requirements page for your release for more information about the required version of Microsoft Office.


Aptify includes a complete and integrated contact management system. The contact management system can be used to record any contact with a customer/member, including telephone conversations, emails, faxes, mailed items, and meetings. Contact Log records can be linked to any record in the system, including Persons, Orders, Payments, Products, and Committees. 

Using Aptify's viewing system and an appropriate set of filters, a user can create views of active Contact Log records that require follow-up. The Contact Log service provides each person with the ability to create personalized ticklers based on setting up appropriate filters. In addition, follow-up reminders can be scheduled that automatically appear in an employee's Outlook Calendar or as Outlook Tasks.

Aptify not only displays contact records through the Contact Log service, but also displays these contacts on records where Contact Log records are most frequently linked, such as Persons, Companies, and Employees. Aptify allows individuals across the organization to share this contact log information, improving customer/member service.

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