Using the List View Preview Pane in Persons

Aptify provides the ability to add a preview pane to list views so a user can preview information and update records without having to open a form. The Persons service has the Preview Pane feature enabled by default. The preview pane for Persons shows the information from the top area of the Persons form (which displays the person's name, title, and company affiliation) as shown in the example below.

List View with Preview Pane for Persons

When the preview pane appears at the bottom of a view, select a particular record to load its details in the preview pane. To move between records, you can use the mouse or the keyboard arrows to scroll through the records in the view (loading each newly selected record into the preview pane).You can also modify record data directly within the preview pane.

See Using the List View Preview Pane  for more information on using preview panes.

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