Using Housing Management

Meeting organizers are often faced with the challenge of making housing arrangement for meeting attendees. Aptify's Housing Management application allows organizers to track hotel requests at the time that a customer or member registers for a meeting. This housing request can then be transferred to the participating hotel, which converts the request into a hotel reservation.

Using Aptify, a hotel, furnished apartment, or other temporary housing arrangement is set up as a product with the extended functionality of the -Housing product category and Housing product type. For each housing product, you create housing blocks that contain rooms available for reservation. Finally after taking the reservation, you can export the reservation details to the -participating hotels for processing.

A Housing product defines the available lodging for a meeting or other event. It differs from other products in that it is not something that is sold to customers. The organization only acts as a facilitator between the customer and the participating hotel.

Aptify provides the flexibility to allow you to create a separate Housing product for each participating hotel, but in most cases, Aptify recommends that you create a Housing product that corresponds to a particular meeting. In this case, available rooms within one or more participating hotels can be tracked as separate Housing Blocks within the Housing product.

This topic provides background of how Housing Management functions in Aptify and describes how to create a Housing product, Housing Blocks, and Housing Rooms. It also describes how to use the Housing Inventory Management dashboard to manage housing space.

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