Tracking Education Units

Tracking Education Units Earned for Attending Meetings in Meeting Management:

The purpose of this topic is to provide an overview of the process used to tracking education units for attending meetings in Aptify, when you do not have the Education Management add-on.

Aptify supports the tracking of education units for attending meetings through the Meetings Management application without the need to have the Education Management add-on.

When a user attends an internal or external meeting, an Education Units record is created with the information about the meeting and the credits earned. Depending on a user's primary function, an administrator can define the amount of units earned based on a person's function. For example, users whose primary function is sales can earn five units for a particular meeting where a member of marketing department may only earn three units. Education units earned for meeting products creating in Aptify can also be approved automatically or reviewed at a later date by an education administrator. An organization can then create views of these Education Units records and build functionality to utilize the information to best fit their business needs.

To implement this functionality, Aptify uses two entities, Education Units and Education Categories, in the Meeting Management application as well as an Education Units tab in Meetings records. 

This process is made up of the following sub-topics:

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