Creating Housing Block Rooms

Follow these steps to add rooms to a housing block. These instructions assume that you have already created one or more housing blocks.

  1. Open the Housing Inventory Management dashboard.
  2. Select a product from the Housing Product drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Add Rooms button to open the Add Rooms to Block dialog.
  4. Select the block or sub-block to which you want to add rooms from the Block drop-down menu.
    • The table automatically refreshes to display the dates supported by the selected block.
  5. Enter the number of rooms and the price charged for a room for each block.
    • Your system must have at least one Room Type configured to create a Housing Block Rooms record. Your administrator can create Room Types from the Room Types service. See About the Housing Room Types Form for details.
    • The hotel should provide the organization with pricing for the room block, which the organization can pass along to meeting registrants.

  6. Click OK.
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