Managing Expos

The Expos service provides an easy-to-use interface where an organization can create and manage all aspects of an exposition, including floorplans, booths, dates of the exposition, and contact information for the company and persons sponsoring the exposition. The Expo Management functionality is used to plan and manage a single expo, multiple expos, or for an exposition that is part of a larger event. Each Expos record tracks the total units of booth inventory, as well as any meetings that may be linked to the exposition.

Expos are created as products with extended characteristics. Creation of the expos product requires the following items to be set up beforehand:

  • All general ledger (GL) accounts required by the organization to track expo finances.
  • One or more Product Categories records for Expo products that are associated with the GL accounts created to track expo finances. See Adding GL Accounts to the Product Category.
  • A Product Types record named Expo that enables the Expo tab to display on the Products record. (This is included with the standard Aptify installation.) See Creating New Product Types.
  • A Products record for the expo, associated with the expo product category and product type.

This topic contains sub-topics that describe the management of a product only where it is specific to creation of an Expos product:

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