Administering the Aptify Web Interface

This topic contains information about administering the Aptify web interface.

Administration of the Aptify web interface is performed using the Aptify Desktop client.


Disabling the Summary Forms for Persons and Companies

Aptify includes Summary forms for Person and Company records in the Aptify web interface. The Summary forms are activated by default. This topic describes how a system administrator can disable the Summary forms for Person or Company records.

  1. Log into Aptify with the Desktop client using an account that has system administration privileges.
  2. Navigate to the Entities service in the Framework application and find the Persons entity.
  3. Open the Persons entity and click the Configuration > Attributes tab.
  4. Find the SupportsSummaryTemplate attribute and open it for editing.
  5. In the Attributes record window, change the setting in the Value field to 0.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for the Companies entity.

Increasing the Number of Results in a Link Box Find Dialog

This topic contains the procedure an administrator can perform to increase the number of results that can be displayed in a Link Box find dialog in the Aptify web interface. By default, the Link Box find dialog in the Aptify web interface returns a maximum of 20 results for performance reasons.

Example Link Box Find Dialog Default Results Limit

Users can apply filters within the Find dialog to refine their search, so the number of expected results is 20 or less. However, if the users in an Aptify environment need to search for more than 20 results based on business practices, an administrator can increase the number of results returned by following the steps below.

Aptify recommends that you limit the number of records returned by the link box find dialog for performance. If you are increasing this limit, start with a minor increment and increase the size if needed. For example, if 20 is not enough, then increase to 50. If 50 is still not enough, increase to 75, etc.


  1. On the Web server, browse to the location of the Aptify web application. For example, C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Aptify.
  2. Locate the Aptify.Framework.Configuration.External.js file, which is in the ..\script\Aptify\configuration folder of the Aptify web application file structure.
  3. Open Aptify.Framework.Configuration.External.js with a text editor.
  4. Search for this line: Aptify.framework.configuration.dataControls.linkBoxPageSize = 20;
    Link Box Find Dialog Setting in Aptify.Framework.Configuration.External.js

  5. Update the value for that parameter to the desired number of records to return, such as 50.
    Updated Link Box Find Dialog Setting

  6. Save and close Aptify.Framework.Configuration.External.js.
  7. On another computer, clear your Chrome browser cache (clearing the cache is required to see this change take effect on client computers).
  8. Confirm that the find dialog now shows a maximum of 50 results by browsing to a link box that should return more than 20 records.

The procedures in this topic describe methods that an administrator can use to troubleshoot the Aptify web interface. 

Administration of the Aptify web interface is performed using the Aptify Desktop client.


Troubleshooting the Aptify Web Interface

The titles of the topics below reflect the problem they are meant to address.

Companies Are Not Displayed In The Web Interface Search Results

This topic addresses the issue when Company results do not show up in the results of an Aptify web interface Quick Search or Global Search. This issue is resolved by regenerating the Companies full text index.
Perform the following steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Launch the Aptify Desktop client as a user with system administrator permissions.
  2. Locate the Full Text Indexes service (in the Framework application). 
  3. Open the CompanySearch record.

    Company Search Record in Error

  4. Save the record without making any changes. This forces the regeneration of the Full Text Index. When the save is finished, the record should look similar to the following:

    Correct Company Search Record

  5. Close the record.
  6. Close any open Aptify Web sessions and log in again (you do not need to clear your cache).
  7. Perform a Company search in the Aptify web interface. Company results should now be displayed in Quick and Global searches, as shown in the example below.

    Company Search Results

  8. If this does not fix the issue, contact Aptify Support.
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