Viewing Surveys

Web users can view a survey by accessing that survey or the survey center on your web site. (The exact URLs will vary depending on the configuration of your e-Business site.)

The following steps illustrate how to view a completed survey on the Aptify e-Business Sample site for a web user who has an account on your site:

  1. Point a web browser to the e-Business Web site. Contact your system administrator if you do not know the site's HTTP address.
  2. Log in to the e-Business site.
  3. Select Community > Surveys from the drop-down menu. This loads the Survey Center.

  4. Click the name of the survey you want to view under the Name column heading. (Note that this list of surveys is also known as the Survey List.)
  5. Answer the survey questions.
    • Click Next to proceed to the next screen of the survey.
    • Click Back to return to a previous screen.
    • Click Finish after you have completed the survey.
    • See About Survey Question Types to view the format in which questions are presented to web users. 
  6. View the survey results.
    • Since Aptify 5.5.3, Aptify web interface users can retrieve results in the Results tab in the Surveys Panel View. See About the Surveys Panel View for more information.
    • Create a view of the Survey Results service to review user responses.
  7. Click the Reports icon to create a results report for the records in the view or double-click a record to see the survey results.

Editing Survey Center Listings

The Survey Center is the list of surveys that appears on the e-Business web site's main Surveys screen. The Survey List Style Sheets service controls the appearance of the Survey Center.


Editing of survey center listings can be performed by system administrators. System administrator tasks must be performed using the Aptify Desktop client.


Follow these steps to add or remove cascading style sheets from the Survey Center using the dashboard:

  1. Right-click the Surveys icon in the dashboard.
  2. Select Edit Surveys List from the drop-down menu.
  3. Modify the Survey Applied Style Sheets service as necessary. See About the Survey List Style Sheets Form for more information.

Note that you can also edit this service directly from the Aptify folder list.

Viewing Survey Information for Web Users and Anonymous Users

The Survey Center provides more information for Web users who are logged into the system than for anonymous users.

For anonymous users, the Survey Center reports the survey's name, description, and category.


For Web users, the Survey Center not only reports the survey's name, description, and category, but also includes two additional columns, as shown below.


  • Tracking Type: Reports the survey's Survey Tracking Type (Anonymous, Identify, or Mixed).
  • Complete: Reports whether or not the user has completed the survey. When set to False, the user has either not taken the survey or has not completed it (if Allow Partial Completion is enabled). When set to True, the user has completed the survey.
  • Web users can review their answer for completed surveys if the survey has its Tracking Type set to Identify or Mixed. When reviewing answers, each survey screen has a Finish button, and any attempted changes to survey responses are not saved.
  • Start New: If the survey has Allow Duplicates enabled, a user who has completed the survey can take the survey again by clicking the link in the Start New column.


For web users, survey rows in the Survey Center can change color to indicate a change of state. For example, a survey row whose background color is light blue can indicate that the user has completed the survey. The Survey List Survey Style Sheets control these color changes.

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