About the Case Assignee Postal Codes Form

This service is reserved for future use. When implemented, it will track regions for auto-assignment of a person, employee, or company for a given case based on the postal code where the case is located.

Currently, an organization can store information in this service but it does not drive other system functionality to automatically assign cases.


Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Case Assignee Postal Codes record.

Comments Tab

The Comments tab lists all comments relevant to the Case Assignee Postal Codes record.

General Tab


The type of assignment rule. Standard options are Employee, Person, and Company.


The name of the employee, person, or company to assign to cases that a location in the specified postal code. The system automatically displays the appropriate field based on the Type selected. When Employee appears, this field links to the Employees service. When a Person appears, this field links to the person service. When Company appears, this field links to the Companies service.

Case Category (required)

The category of the case. This field links to the Case Categories service. See About the Case Categories Form for more details.

Country Code (required)

This field specifies the country where the specified postal code is located. More than one country can use the same postal code so this field helps identify a specific location. It links to the Country's service.

Postal Code (required)

The postal code assigned to the employee, person, or company. Cases located in this jurisdiction should be assigned to the specified employee, person, or company based on relative rank.


This field stores a ranking for the postal code. It currently does not drive system functionality. If an organization wants to use this for tracking purposes, it can rank assignees for a particular postal code. For example, a new case in a specified postal code should be assigned to the record with a ranking of 1. However, if that employee, person, or company is unavailable or has reached the case limit, then the new case should be assigned to the record for that postal code with a ranking of 2.


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