About the Case Assignees Form

Assignees records track information about the employees who are assigned to work on a particular case and their roles. These records appear on a Cases record's Assignees tab. Note that the primary assignee for the case is specified on the Cases form's General tab. These records store information about additional employees working on the same case. See Assignees Tab for more information for more details.


Assignees Record


The name of an employee assigned to this case. This field links to the Employees service.


The role that this employee performs in this case. The options that appear in this drop-down list correspond to the active records in the Case Roles service. See About the Case Roles Form for more details.

Role Rank

This field specifies the employee’s rank within the given role for the case. An organization can use this field to specify a relative degree of responsibility for an assignment if multiple employees have the same Role for a particular case.

Start Date

The date when the employee started working on this case.

End Date

The date when the employee stopped working on this case.


A description of the employee’s assignment for this case.

Auto Added

This field is reserved for future use with automatic assignment functionality. When automatic assignment is implemented, this check box can indicate if a particular employee was automatically assigned to the case by the system.


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