Specifying Related Issues

Whereas a Case is a specific report from a customer, Issues correspond to general problems that can be encountered by any number of customers. Therefore, there can be many cases reported for the same issue. Likewise, a single case report could reference multiple issues.

Aptify tracks the relationship between cases and issues on the Related Issues tab of a Cases record. Follow these steps to link a case to one or more issues:


Information about a particular issue is tracked separately in an Issues record (see About the Issues Form for more details).


  1. Open the Cases record, if not already opened.
  2. Select the Related Issues tab.
  3. Click the New icon in the toolbar to open a new Related Issues record.
  4. Enter the issue to link to the case in the Issue field.


  5. Click OK to save and close the Related Issues record.
  6. Repeat the steps above to add additional related issues as necessary.
  7. Save the Cases record.
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