Managing Case Costs

The Cases record includes a Costs tab that lets an organization track the various expenses incurred while investigating resolving a case. Aggregate information on the budgeted and actual costs associated with a Case appears on the Cases record's Summary tab (see Closing Cases and Tracking Customer Satisfaction).

Follow these steps to record the costs associated with a case:

  1. Open the Cases record, if not already opened.
  2. Select the Costs tab.
  3. Click the New icon in the toolbar to open a new Costs record.
  4. Select the Case Cost Type from the drop-down list.
  5. Enter a short description of the cost in the Item field.
  6. Enter a longer description of the cost in the Description field.
  7. Specify the expected amount that has been budgeted for this expense in the Budgeted field.

    Later when the actual cost is known, a user can return to this record to specify the actual expense in the Actual Cost field.


  8. Click the Comments tab and add any additional information concerning this expense.
  9. Click OK to save and close the Costs record.
  10. Repeat the steps above to add additional Costs records as necessary.
  11. If applicable, you can track if the company or the client has approved the costs associated with this case by selecting one or more of the options on the Cases tab. Note that these options are for tracking purposes only and do not drive any system functionality by default.
    • Approved By Company: Selecting this option tracks whether the costs listed on this tab have been approved by the company.
    • Approved By Client: Selecting this option tracks whether the costs listed on this tab have been approved by the client.


  12. Save the Cases Record.
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