About the Case Types Form

This service stores the set of Type options that can be assigned to a Cases record. These options appear in the Type drop-down list on the Cases form.

Note that the Auto Assignment option referenced on the form is reserved for future use.


Advanced Tab

The fields on this tab are reserved for future use.


The object location in the repository that contains a component that implements assignment logic specific to this Case Type.


The class name for the class that implements the assignment logic.


The assembly name for the case type’s assignment object.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Case Types record.

Comments Tab

The Comments tab list any additional information related to the Case Types record.

General Tab


The name of the Case Type.


A description of the Case Type.


If this Case Type is a subsidiary to another Case Type, specific the parent Case Type in this field (which links to another record in the Case Types service). This field allows an organization to create a hierarchy of Case Types.

Auto Assignment

This option is reserved for future use. When implemented, this option will support the three standard options that appear in the drop-down list: None (no auto-assignment functionality specific to this Case Type), Use Parent (use the auto‑assignment logic used by this type’s specified parent), and Custom (use the assignment logic defined by the object specified on the Advanced tab).


Specifies the rank of a Case Type relative to other types. The available results are shown in rank order from lowest to highest in the Type drop‑down field on the Cases form.


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