Administering Query Timeout Values

In environments where there are complex queries or queries of a dataset with a large number of records, there may be cases where the queries timeout after 30 seconds. This can occur with queries such as complex non-List views and approving large bulk orders. In Aptify, List Views have no timeout; the system executes the view and continues until finished or the operation is canceled.

Administrators can add a key in the config files to increase the length of the query timeout to address this issue. This key, Aptify.Framework.DataServices.Constants.QueryTimeOut, has a default value of -1, which disables the key and has Aptify timeout queries using the value in the SqlCommand.CommandTimeout SQL Server property. 

The default value of the SqlCommand.CommandTimeout property is 30 seconds.


The following table lists the config files you should update and their default location, broken down by interface type.

Interface Used Config Files Default location
Aptify Desktop client


Aptify Shell.exe.config

C:\Program Files\Aptify 6.0 on the database server
Aptify web interface

Aptify Web web.config

SOA web.config 

C:\inetpub\wwwroot\<AptifyWeb Sub-folder> on the web server.

C:\inetpub\wwwroot\<AptifyWeb Sub-folder>\AptifyServicesAPI on the web server

The AptifyWeb sub-folder is the location where the Aptify website files are stored on the web server.


The key should be added to the config files in the following format:

<add key="Aptify.Framework.DataServices.Constants.QueryTimeOut" value="[Insert number of seconds]"/>


Follow these steps to update the config files to use this key:

  1. Log in to the server for the affected interface.
  2. Launch Aptify as a user with administrator privileges.
  3. Using a text editor, open the appropriate config files for editing
  4.  Add the key shown above (specifying the desired number of seconds for the timeout) to the files.
  5. Save the config files.
  6. If updating the config files associated with the Desktop client, you need to:
    1. Update the Object Repository records for these config files to use the new versions to which you added the timeout attribute. See Updating Object Repository Objects for more information.
    2. The next time a user closes and reopens Aptify, the local computer's Object Repository service will automatically download the new versions of Startup.exe.config and Aptify Shell.exe.config from the repository.
  7. If updating the config files associated with the web interface, you need to recycle the app pool associated with the SOA user or restart IIS.
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