Using the Data Packing and Unpacking Wizards

Aptify provides data packing and unpacking wizards that facilitate the migration of record data from a development server to an organization's production server. For example, to deploy a newly developed process flow on the production server, the Process Flow data records are packed on the development server and then unpacked on the production server. By default, a user can launch the Data Packer and Un-Packer wizards from the view toolbar of the following services:

  • Base Fields
  • Configuration Manifests
  • Dashboards
  • Form Templates
  • Message Parts
  • Message Templates
  • Process Components (Data Packer only)
  • Process Flows
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Views
  • Wizards

Note that to successfully pack and unpack data, the user running these wizards should be a member of the computer's local Administrators group.

Aptify has a UniqueID field. The Data Packer and Unpacker processes will use the UniqueID field as the unique identifier for the record. During installation, Aptify will attempt to match existing records with records initially included with Aptify in order to set the UniqueID to a value that matches Aptify's record. This allows Aptify to identify core records and update them accordingly. When no definitive match is found, a new unique identifier will be generated and used to populate the UniqueID field for that record.

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