Adding Filter Rules to a New Entity

An organization can add filter rule capabilities to a new entity as needed but this requires assistance from a developer so the system can evaluate a particular record against the criteria a user has specified in the filter rule.

  1. The following steps provide a general overview of the process for adding filter rule functionality to a new entity:
  2. Create a Filter Rule Types record for the new filter rule implementation.
    • This includes defining the set of Entity Instances that a user will be able to use to construct filters. These correspond to the set of entities that appear in a filter rule's Services drop-down list. When a user selects a particular entity, Aptify automatically populates the Field list with the set of fields from that entity.
    • An administrator can exclude a particular entity on the list of available Services, see the About the Filter Rule Type Entity Instances Form.
    • The developer who is writing the corresponding business logic should provide the set of Entity Instances that should be added to the Filter Rule Type. 
  3. Add an embedded link to the Filter Rules entity's ID field in your new entity.
  4. Use the Visual Designer to remove the fields from the Filter Rules entity from your generated form, if applicable.
  5. Use the Visual Designer to add the Filter Rules UI control to your entity's form. Configure the control's Input Map as necessary.
  6. Create business logic that determines how to pass record data to the Filter Rule evaluator to determine if the current record matches the filter rule criteria defined by the user.
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