Company Directory implementation for eBusiness users

The Company Directory feature has been introduced in eBusiness7.1 to offer Company details to both signed-in users and guest users. This feature includes two new pages: Company Directory and Company Details. To access the Company Details page, users can navigate through the Community menu on the menu bar. 

Company Directory Page

To access the Company Directory page, go to the main menu and select Community. Under the Community menu, select Directories. Company Directory appears as the sub-menu item.

On selecting the Company Directory sub-menu item, the Company Directory page appears. This page displays the Name (as a hyperlink), Address, Phone and Website (as a hyperlink) of all the Companies that are part of a given association.

Users can perform following actions on this page:

  • Search for a particular Company by entering the Company's Name, City, or Zip in the search box.
  • Sort By Company Name (A-Z or Z-A), by selecting the radio button.
  • Filter By Topic Code lists all the web enabled top-level Topic codes for the company. For example, if Topic code “Business” is selected, a list of all Companies associated with this topic code is displayed.
  • Click Name of the Company to navigate to the Company Details Page.
  • Click Website to open the Company's website.

Company Details Page

To navigate to a particular Company's Details page, click its Name hyperlink on the Company Directory Page. The Company Details page displays the Company logo, Company name, Website, Address, Phone number, Fax, Company Type, Member Since information and Description. To navigate to the Company Directory page, click Back to Directory link present at the top right corner.CompanyDetailsPage.png


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