Understanding Events

The e-Business 6.0 events section organizes the list of events along with the times and locations of all meetings/sessions associated with each event. The upcoming events can be viewed in the event catalog as a list view by default and calendar view with a click on the Calendar View button located beside the search bar. In the calendar view, the events can be sorted and seen in the monthly, weekly and daily modes. The current day in the calendar is highlighted with the grey color and events are represented with the blue bar. The details of an event can be seen by hovering the cursor on the event bar.

 A user can search for the upcoming events with the event name in the search feature or filter the events according to the event categories. The users can also navigate through the events pages with the pagination feature and select the number of events viewable per page with the event records drop down. See the Understanding Event Details for the detailed description of an event.


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