Understanding Event Details

The purpose of the events details page is to provide the detailed information of an event to help the customers study the event thoroughly, understand its purpose and proceed with registration.  See Registering for an Event, for more information.

The product details page consists of the following information: 

  • Event Name
  • Event Images - The images that provide the awareness of an event
  • Event Summary- This section provides the event price, start/end date, and location
  • Description - It provides an overview of the event.
  • Start/End Date - It provides the start/end date of an event

  • Location - It provides the location of the event
  • Speaker(s) Info - It provides the list of speakers of an event
  • Event Sessions - It provides a list of sessions per event. Each session details section provides information such as Event price, Date, Location and Speaker info.
  • Venue Map - e-Business 6.0 is integrated with Google Maps to provide the location of the event. You can also get direction to the event by clicking 'Get Directions'.

Complexing Price for an Event

If an Association event product has complex pricing (price rule, filter rule, and rounding applied according to Association pricing criteria), you must add the event to your cart to see the event price. The price will be displayed according to the pricing rule set by an association.



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